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People visit our website because they are interested in a trip to one of the destinations we promote – China, Indochina, Japan, Myanmar, Thailand and Bhutan. However, during a recent Google search term review, we were surprised to learn that so many people clicked on our Google ads while looking […]

Google Search Terms

Travel insurance is important to have when we travel overseas. Although we do not intend to cancel it when we book a trip, unexpected events such as epidemics, natural disasters, political instability or illness in the family may force us to cancel the trip. If we have no travel cancellation […]

Travel Insurance

Chinese Public Holidays 2018 Here is the complete list of 2018 Chinese public holidays observed across China. If you are planning a 2018 China trip, you might want to use this as a guide to avoid some of them. New Year’s Day: January 1 This is a one day holiday […]

Chinese Holidays 2018