Best Months to Visit China

What is the best time to visit China?

It is important to know that China is a vast country with extremely diverse climatic patterns, ranging from tropical in the south to sub-Arctic in the north. The question of when is the best of time to visit China really depends on where you want to go.

When cities in the north are cold and sometimes shrouded in smog in the winter, many areas in the south including the popular tropical island of Hainan attract hordes of vacationers with its blissful weather.

In July and August, most Chinese cities experience high heat and humidity. However, summer is the best time to visit Tibet, the Silk Road region, Inner Mongolia and the Northeast (Manchuria). That’s why summer is high season for these destinations.

Most travellers going to China for the first time are primarily interested in Beijing, Xian, Guilin and Shanghai. Some may also add Hong Kong and a Yangtze river cruise to their itinerary. For these first time visitors, the best time to go to China would be April, May, September and October. In the above-mentioned cities and most other popular destinations in China, high travel season begins in mid-March and ends in mid-November with the months of June, July and August in between considered shoulder season.

best time to visit china

best time to visit china