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Recently we have been working hard to fine-tune our 2018 China vacation packages. One of our goals is to take full advantage of China’s ever expanding high-speed rail network. We have come up with 6 China vacation packages for 2018 that meet this goal and officially launched one of them two months ago.

If you have travelled in Europe or Japan by train, you’d have known that travel by high-speed train is not only more comfortable and punctual but also more economical compared to air travel. No longer would you have to worry about long airport delays and frustrating security checks. When you feel bored, you can actually get up and walk about. Nobody would ask you to go back to your seat and sit down. And let’s not forget that travelling by train allows you to see the countryside you are whizzing through, something you can’t do on a jet plane.

In late 2017, the new railway connecting Xi’an (Terracotta Army) and Chengdu (giant panda research base) would be completed. This makes it possible for us to launch a 20-day China tour for 2018 without any local air flight. Instead, we travel exclusively by high-speed train or bullet train as some call it. As a matter of fact, we are planning more 2018 China tours like that. Judging by market response to the 20-day 2018 special, it seems we are onto something! We launched the 2018 special in late February. To our surprise, some of the departures are already close to being full.

Also, we are eagerly looking forward to the completion of the Hong Kong portion of China’s high-speed train network. This should happen by the end of 2018. Once this is done, travellers would be able to ride the bullet from places like Guilin all the way into Hong Kong, all for less than one third of the airfare cost.

We hope we have whetted your interest in joining us for a memorable 2018 China tour. In case you haven’t noticed, we have nice early bird discounts available to customers signing very early. So, take a look at what we have for 2018 and let us know if you have any questions.

China Tours 2018

China tours 2018 packages

China tours 2018