China Tours Filled with Shopping Stops

We published a post over a year ago titled China Tour Sponsored by Chinese Government. Since then, the article has been read by a large number of visitors. Despite all the effort made by reputable China tour companies and Chinese governments at various levels to expose the lies, there are still many tourists insisting that the tourist shops they have been taken to are owned and operated by the Chinese government and therefore the stops are justified. Further, they argue that all tour companies do the same, i.e, marching guests through tourist stops. The ignorance and credulity displayed by such consumers boggle the mind and irritate reputable firms that stay away from tourist traps like these so-called government stores.

Laurus Travel does not allow shopping stops with any of its tour programs regardless of the destination. We take the commitment seriously and have the means to enforce the company policy.

When a China tour is packed with shopping stops or any other tricks designed to line the pockets of guides and the tour company, don’t blame the Chinese government because the Chinese government has nothing to do with it despite the repeated likes by unscrupulous tour operators. One gets what one pays for.

China hiking tour without shopping stops

China hiking tour including Yellow Mountain