China Tours for Seniors

We often get asked whether our China tours are suitable for seniors. The answer is yes. In fact, about half of our guests are seniors over the age of 65. Not only are our China tours good for seniors, our tours to other destinations such as Japan and Indochina are ideal for seniors too.

We must point out, however, that our culture-oriented Asia tours are very active. They require a high level of fitness on the part of the traveller. Anyone needing special attention or with any mobility difficulty would find it impossible to enjoy our tours because of amount of walking and stair climbing involved.

Seniors coming on our Asia tours should also be aware that we do not provide luggage service. This means you’ll have to drag your bag across parking lots and through train stations on your own. Since our guests have our taken advice of travelling light to heart, lack of luggage service hasn’t been a problem for the great majority of our travellers.

Our practice of not providing luggage service has some real advantages. For example, you can keep your bag in your hotel room until the time of check-out. And you never have to worry about damage or theft while your bag is out of sight. When you arrive at a hotel, instead of waiting for your bag to be delivered to your room, you take it with you right away.

China Tours for seniors

Our China and Asia tours feature small group size, premium accommodations, gourmet meals, and, above all, outstanding tour guides hank-picked by the owners of Laurus Travel. For the year of 2019, we have over 20 China tours available. Please follow the above to check them out and let us know if you have any questions.

China tours for seniors from Canada and USA

China tours for seniors from Canada and USA