Google Search Terms

People visit our website because they are interested in a trip to one of the destinations we promote – China, Indochina, Japan, Myanmar, Thailand and Bhutan. However, during a recent Google search term review, we were surprised to learn that so many people clicked on our Google ads while looking for other companies such as Sinorama and Tauck! That’s a huge waste of our money because Laurus Travel and Sinorama cater to very different crowds.

For obvious reasons, China tours and China tour are among the top 10 search terms people use on Google to reach us. So are china tour packages, Yangtze river cruise, indochina tours, Japan tours, trip to china, china tours from Toronto, vietnam travel, tours to china, great wall of china tours, so on and so forth. China tours 2017, china vacation, tours of china, china vacation packages and best china tours also figure prominently on the list of search terms.

Since we began to offer trips to Myanmar (Burma) and Japan a number of years ago, our websites have been getting lots of traffic from people Googling myanmar tours, japan package tours and japanese tours.

Some of the search terms are long and wacky: “a trip to china and see the magnificent new transportation rail systems”. The next one sounds like he or she wants to start a conversation with a human being: “want to book a tour to vietnam and camb for12 days tour from a manila based travel and tours agency”!

While questions like “when is the best time to travel to china” and “why have china tours become so expensive” seem legitimate, there are many others that come across as completely laughable, such as this one: why will i go on a trip to china.

Some Google users are more specific than others. For example, we received many hits for these search terms: japan tours from Hawaii, japan tours from Toronto, china tours from usa, tours to china from Toronto, china tours from Calgary.

We have no interest in dealing with people seeking prostitutes. Which is why we find it so annoying when people click on our Google ads while searching for “sex tours in Cambodia”, “sex tours Cambodia”, “sex vacation in China” and “sex tourist Vietnam”. To block such undesirable traffic, we have dramatically expanded our Negative Keywords list. From now on, people looking sex tours or cheap tours $99 will not be able to see our Google ads.

The Search Term List contains tens of thousands of entries. It is a little gold mine that deserves a bit more digging.