Taiwan Tours from Canada

Taiwan tours from Canada – masterfully crafted itineraries for you to choose from from 11 days to 20 days.

Outstanding guides, luxury hotels, small group size, gourmet food, active style. Lots of fun guaranteed!

Taiwan tours from Canada - Taroko National Park

Taiwan tours from Canada with unbeatable airfares from Vancouver, Toronto…

Why Taiwan

Anyone who has been to Taiwan would tell you how impressed they are with what they experienced: hospitable people (there are 23 million of them), spectacular natural beauty, rich culture, colourful traditions and fantastic food. And that’s not all.

Famed for centuries as Ihla Formosa (beautiful island), this is a land blessed with sandy beaches, marble-walled gorges, tropical forests, and alpine mountain ranges with Yushan soaring 3,952 metre above sea level. Taiwan is a paradise for hikers and cyclists. Taiwan’s eco-diversity delights nature lovers. In fact, Taiwan is a kingdom of butterflies and home to a host of other endemic flying, crawling and swimming creatures.

Taiwan tours from Canada

Taiwan tours from Canada – National Palace Museum

11-day Best of Taiwan

This small-group luxury Taiwan tour brings you the best Taiwan has to offer. It combines rich culture with spectacular scenery and fantastic food! The itinerary includes Taipei, Taroko National Park, Sun Moon Lake and Tainan.

17-day South Korea and Taiwan

Conducted by expert guides, this luxury small-group tour is intended for foodies and history lovers. A high level of fitness is required of all participants as hiking is an integral component of the itinerary. On this tour you’ll visit Seoul, Gyeongju, Busan, Taipei, Taroko National Park and Sun Moon Lake.

20-day South Korea, Taiwan and Japan
This meticulously crafted itinerary combines the key highlights these destinations have to offer with a primary focus on culture, history, fine food and hiking. Itinerary covers Seoul, Gyeongju, Busan, Taipei, Taroko National Park, Yilan, Sun Moon Lake, Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo.

More Taiwan Tours from Canada

We are developing more Taiwan tours from Canada. If the current itineraries don’t meet your needs, you may contact us for a customized itinerary. For a service fee of $100, we’d be glad to put our expertise to work for you.

Taiwan tours from Canada

Taiwan tours from Canada – Sun Moon Lake in sunset

Taiwan Tours from Canada – Tourist Visa

Canadians do not need visa to visit Taiwan if the stay is less than 90 days.

Taiwan Tours from Canada – Best Time to Visit Taiwan

Winter (December-February) is ideal for those who like it cool and enjoy bathing in hot springs. Taiwan’s climate is mostly subtropical and the southern tip of the island including Kenting National Park is tropical.

March to early May is high season for tourism but it can get very hot in late May.

In the summer (June-August) anywhere you go except in the mountains you’ll experience intense heat and humidity. This is the season you should avoid if you can.

Autumn (late September – November) is pleasant when sky turns blue and the weather becomes dry and cool. 

Taiwan Tours – Typhoon Season

Technically typhoon can hit Taiwan any time between June and September. However, it is in August and early September when the intensity of typhone reaches its peak. Consider staying away from Taiwan in August and the first half of September.

Taiwan Tours – Public Holidays to Avoid

The single biggest public holiday is the Chinese spring festival. Also called Chinese New Year holiday, this is a traditional festival based on Chinese lunar calendar. Consequently, the date changes every year. Generally, it can fall on any day between mid-January and late February. This is the time of year when everybody is going home for family reunion. For most people, the holiday lasts for days. For some, it may mean weeks off work. If you are in Taiwan during this time, you’ll noticed that most businesses stay closed for days; highways, airports and train stations also experience significant overcrowding.

Taiwan Tours from Vancouver, Toronto or Any Other City across Canada

Travellers from Vancouver and Toronto can count on us for unbeatable airfares to Taiwan. We also offer competitively priced air deals from other Canadian cities to anyone participating our Taiwan tours.

taiwan tours from canada

Taiwan tours from Canada – cooking lesson